accountable (ongoing series, 2016 - )

the accountant
nicole miller

found and altered candy machine, pennies, acrylic paint, dirt, colored sand, broken jewelry small.jpg
the accountant

I intended to challenge the economic notion of value by creating two options for spending that could both be deemed “ridiculous” and don’t result in an equal exchange. Both sides of the machine are labeled with a “ridiculous” use the profits will go to, causing the viewer to consider consequences of their spending choices. small.jpg
left side: "all profits will be donated to the U.S. government"

The left side randomly shoots out pennies in amounts less than the 25 cents inserted, and funds will be donated to the US government. small.jpg
right side: "all profits will be buried in the ground"

The right side disperses nothing tangible from the machine when 25 cents is inserted and profits will be buried in the ground.